Wednesday, January 4, 2012


cymphonique miller

According to Madam Noire-“Nickeklodeon faced a big time rating loss last quarter, but the channel vows that this quarter the views will hit a new high. The company is bringing on Master P’s daughter, Cymphonique Miller, to star in her own original series called “How to Rock.”
“We’re hoping for great things from Cymphonique– a big, fat, giant hit,” Nickelodeon’s president for original programming Margie Cohn told “That’s what I’ve been working for with this series, so why not say it?”
Stardom runs all throughout the family starting with Master P who is known as one of the most successful hip hop businessman. Cymphonique’s older brother, Romeo Miller, also had his own show on Nickelodeon from 2003-2006.
Despite Cymphonique’s big dreams of stardom and her family’s success, Master P tells that he didn’t want his 15-year-old daughter to get into the entertainment industry.
“I tried everything in my power to stop this girl because this can be a hard, sick business — really easy to get taken advantage of,” he said to “I guess you can’t hold raw talent back.”
Viacom’s chief exectutive Phillippe Dauman tells that Cymphonique’s show is just one of the many more new shows they have planned. Dauman expects that with her show leading the change, the new shows will boost ratings so that “next quarter we expect to see stronger ad sales growth.”
Fans of Nickelodeon and the Miller family can look forward to “How to Rock’s” debut next month set for February 4.”

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