Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bobby Brown Excited to Be Rejoining New Edition

You have to wonder if the band members of New Edition know what they’re getting into by bringing Bobby Brown back into the fold.  But that’s what they’re doing, at least according to Brown.

Let’s hope that his drug habit days are behind him.  The original black boy band is getting older, and their bodies can’t stand the rain like they could in the 1990s.  But even after coming of age, we hear that they give a pretty good show.

Here’s what Bobby Brown had to say:

"We have a conference call every Sunday. We're putting it (band) back together. I think the thing that was missing with us was prayer – us being able to pray together and understand our differences. I think that's what made us fight so much.

Our friendship was lost once the business of being in the band exploded. We're now working at becoming friends again and getting back together next year for a tour and an album. And maybe a television show."


Anonymous said...

I hope the guy's are making a good decision for the group.I actually think Johnny Gill is a much better singer then Bobby Brown and would be happy if they stuck with Ralph,Mike,Ronnie,Ricky,& Johnny!the hell with Bobby(washed up loser)Brown...

Anonymous said...

that crazy fool

Anonymous said...

I think that they could truly pull it off as long as everyone does their part to make it work.