Monday, January 2, 2012

Jennifer Hudson & David Otunga have Set The Wedding Date. They’re Just Not Telling

J Hud is still getting married, to David Otunga despite any rumors that stated the wedding was called off!
According to “In an exclusive interview with NBC’s ‘Dateline’ that airs this coming Sunday, Jennifer talks openly with Lester Holt about her upcoming wedding to long time boyfriend David Otunga and why she chooses to keep the wedding date a secret. She also dishes on her wedding dress and explains how David unknowingly saved her life.
Check out excerpts below:
On how David saved her life
I remember it like yesterday. And I was literally pickin’ up my bags to walk out the door to go to my mother’s house. And he called me, like, “Can you come out here instead of going, you know?” And I was like, “Okay, sure.” And that one decision, that one thing, I wouldn’t be sittin’ here.
On David asking for her hand in marriage
[He has] a sweet romantic side, too. He’s very old-fashioned. Something he proved in August 2008 when he took the opportunity to ask my mom for, you know, permission to propose. And she gave her blessing.
On the upcoming nuptials
Oh, we’ve set the date. We’re just not telling. … no, not telling. Some things you keep to yourself. (but) I could tell you about my dress if you want to hear about the dress… It’s a show. It has three pieces to it. I designed it myself. It has a coat for the entrance and then when I get ready to walk, you take that part off. And then it’s another dress. And then by the time I get to the alter, it’s a whole new dress.”
David and J Hud Jennifer-Hudson-Son-David-Birthday-Pic2 David Otunga and son pics
Jennifer Hudson’s full interview airs this Sunday at 8pm on NBC’s ‘Dateline’.

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