Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Facebook Founder Angers PETA by Killing Bison and Mounting it at Facebook

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has obviously not learned one important lesson in life:  don't make PETA angry.  As part of a personal challenge to only eat what he'd killed, Zuckerberg went out and killed a Bison.  He then mounted the Bison in the Facebook offices putting a Facebook cap on the top of the animal.

This is surely going to piss off PETA.  But then again, since when did anything stop Zuckerberg?  They are more powerful than most governments.

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giftnappyabyss said...

This is a flagrant example of the ostentatious beligerance and disregard for civility that white people innately. Apparantly Zuckerber thinks that he is within the bounds of decency to kill a bison and haughtily display it like it is a spoil of war. The double standard is demonstrative in that he will face marginal scrutiny in comparison to the villification that Michael Vick experienced. A bison is analogous to a bull in that is represents the black god Osiris' who is the synbol for the cosmic power of the black chromosome. Of course this savage dosen't know that he abhors the black chromosome in his subconscious mind, but perhaps he chose to kill a bison instead of a deer because this complex beset him. A horse is a symbol for white supremacy, suppose black people went on a tirade killing them and mounting their heads on walls displaying them to the world barbarically, would white people placidly entertain the gesture?