Saturday, December 3, 2011

After 11 Days Of Testimony McDonald's Cashier Cleared Of ALL Charges

The McDonald’s cashier arrested for his supersized smackdown of two women who came around his counter to pick a fight has been cleared of all charges.
Rayon McIntosh, 31, was expected to be released from Rikers Friday night.
Prosecutors said a grand jury heard testimony for 11 days and voted to toss the case.
“We asked that Mr. McIntosh be released,” Assistant District Attorney Jaime Hickey-Mendoza said.
A whoop of “Hallelujah!” was heard in the courtroom after the announcement. A handful of relatives were present to hear the good news.

“They were trying to turn him into a monster, my son,” mom Maureen Lucas, a registered nurse from Rockland County, said as she sobbed with relief.

Her ex-con son, who served about a decade on a manslaughter rap, was getting his life back on track when the two foul-mouthed women threatened him, she said.

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