Saturday, November 26, 2011

HMM: Chris Brown Buys $1.5Million Mansion Not Too Far From Rihanna

The love affair between pop superstars Rihanna and Chris Brown ended long ago, after news of Brown’s abuse towards Rihanna brutally came to light. Despite the breakup, their names have remained closely linked to each other and fans have watched as they’ve slowly begun what seems to be a quiet and private reunion of sorts. And now news has spread of the latest incident in the never-ending Chris Brown and Rihanna saga. Brown has bought a new bachelor pad. It seems simple enough. But apparently his new home is just a few miles away from Rihanna’s current home.
According to RadarOnline, Brown had been looking to move out of his West Hollywood condo, due to a number of parking disputes that he’d racked up at the place and complaints from neighbors about his rock star lifestyle. Recently, the pop crooner purchased a $1.5 million mansion in Hollywood Hills, replete with three bedrooms, a pool, an elevator and 2,473 square feet of space.

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