Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Healing Group Owner Gives 5 Reasons Why Marijuana Should Be Legal In Cali

If passed, it would hurt my business,” he says. “But even if it passes, I’ll still be in business. Because not everyone will be able to have access to the quality of the medicinal marijuana that I have. I would have to just expand and think outside the box and use [hemp] for more of what it really is instead of just medicine.”

  1. Cannabis has had major medical benefits to him and his family: “That’s one of the reasons I had a prescription. I had a back injury from football [at the University of California-Berkeley] and I suffered from back spasms. If I stand up for long periods of time, my back will have spasms and tighten up and all kinds of stuff. So cannabis will help loosen those tight muscles,” he said. “It helps people who suffers from arthritis. My grandmother used to use marijuana rubbing alcohol. She’d slap it all over her elbows and knees and then go walking and not feel any pain. You can get some quality marijuana and soak it in alcohol for a couple of weeks and then, bam!”
  2. There are the other medical benefits that folk-pop singer Melissa Etheridge pointed out during a recent press conference regarding how cannabis helped her offset the effects of chemotherapy treatment following breast cancer. “Some people during those times don’t have an appetite, Fomond explains. “This helps you get an appetite. Some of the different kinds of marijuana, it helps you with stress-related problems, sleep-related problems [and] pain management.”
  3. Cannabis does not cause the harmful long-term damage that legalized drugs, he says. “Marijuana doesn’t have any of those effects of those other man-made drugs like alcohol, cigarettes. It’s not a gateway drug,” Fomond said.
  4. Environmental benefits: “There will be no drilling, no digging, none of the typical things associated with getting fuel and none of the equipment that is typically used to make the fuel and the toxicity of the fuel. There’s no toxins from growing marijuana. It comes from the earth. Earthworms in the earth produce castings to help make the marijuana grow. We have nitrogen already in the soil. We have potassium already in the soil.”
  5. And there is another, lesser known benefit, Fomond advises. “I can start a clothing business. I can get a textile company and take the hemp and start a clothing manufacturing company.

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