Thursday, November 17, 2011

Did Katt Williams Get a Five Finger Discount at Best Buy?



By: Jahbrielle Henning-Rayford, Your Black World

On Wednesday, comedian Katt Williams, who recently made headlines for his seemingly anti-Mexican comments while performing in Arizona, was accused of stealing from a Best Buy in Ohio. Police have confirmed today that no such thing occurred. Yesterday, while browsing the store, a friend of the fiery comedian was seen putting some items in her purse. Under suspicion, store security reported them and they were later questioned by the police.

While being questioned, the woman allowed police to search her pursue, and although no best buy items were stolen, marijuana was found. She has been charged with a misdemeanor for the possession of the illegal substance.

Earlier this year, the Pimp Chronicles comic was filmed angrily boasting about being an American. After a few lines of the Star-spangled Banner, he began arguing with an audience member, and shouted to the primarily Mexican-American crowd, “If you love Mexico, get the f---over there!”

As many times as Williams has been under fire, this time, he is not guilty of the crime.

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