Wednesday, November 16, 2011

10 Year Old Begs Mom To Stay Home From School Due To Bullying - Hangs Herself Next Day

Ashlynn Conner, who was only 10 years old, attended Ridge Farm Elementary in Illinois.  She was an honor student in the 5th grade who wanted to become a veterinarian.   She was also a victim of bullying, with friends calling her a “slut” and also calling her “fat and ugly.”

The little girl begged her parents to let her be home schooled so she wouldn’t have to deal with bullies.  Her mother told her “no,” and when the pressure got too great, the little girl hanged herself in her bedroom closet.

The little girl’s mother, obviously distraught by what happened, said “I thought my kids are strong kids, and that my words for them for guidance and advice was going to have more weight than what these kids could be saying.”

The girl’s family is now speaking out for other children who are being bullied. Kim Wright, Ashlynn’s aunt, told ABC News: “If she just saves one child from being bullied, if one bully gets this message and thinks about it and says, I’m not going to make another kid feel that way …  she did it.”

The Obama Administration has been speaking up against bullying, but there is a trended increase in the number of young children dying as a result of the practice. Cyber bullying is also becoming a problem, with teens taunting one another over the Internet.  If your child shows a lack of interest in going to school or a disinterest in school functions, you may want to intervene to see if there is something deeper going on.

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