Monday, October 24, 2011

OMG! Is 2 Year Old Baby "Little L " A Victim Of The Dungeon Lady Too?!!

McGill and her husband, Robert, are worried that Little L is in danger.
Relatives say that she beat her siblings and forced them to have sex with each other or prostitute themselves.

CHEVELLE McGill was thrilled back in 2008 when neighbor Linda Ann Weston told her that she could adopt a 2-year-old girl whom Weston called her own. McGill cared for the girl she called "Little L" for a few months in her rowhouse on A Street near Westmoreland, in Kensington, waiting for Weston to file adoption papers.
" 'Yeah, yeah, we'll get it done,' " Weston told her, according to McGill.
Then, shortly before Christmas, Weston packed up her belongings and disappeared, McGill said. A little later, Weston's daughter, Jane McIntosh, showed up at the McGills' home and told them that she was taking the toddler to a birthday party and would return.
She never did

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