Monday, October 24, 2011

Narcotics Cop Calls Junkie To His Home,Makes Her Smoke Drugs,Then Demands Oral Sex

He gave me a nice piece for Christmas," she said. "It was crack and it was kickin'."

NYPD narcs showered a junkie with crack and forced her to perform sex acts in return, she testified in the latest embarrassing revelation to emerge from a police corruption trial.
In one incident, Melanie Perez recalled on the stand last week, a cop called her to his home, made her smoke drugs then pulled down his pants and demanded oral sex.
"What was I going to do?" she testified in Brooklyn Supreme Court. "I did it."
The damning account came during the bench trial of Jason Arbeeny, one of eight undercovers charged in a scandal that rocked the Brooklyn South Narcotics squad.
The trial has already yielded troubling testimony on officers "flaking" - planting drugs on innocent victims - to meet arrest quotas and get overtime pay.
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