Thursday, June 2, 2011

Homeless People Are Racist

One thing that black people do well is being able to identify racism. When I saw this video racism wasn't the first thought firing in my black mind. First off this is a homeless man, on a subway stripping, while suddenly losing his mind. I automatically assume that he is schizophrenic. If you know anything about the statistics of homeless persons you would come up with the same conclusion as I did. Throughout the video he used the word Nigger repeatedly. Does this homeless man even know what he is saying or is he just upset? How many times have black people called a white person a "cracker" while they described an incident in which the white person offended them ore pissed them of? Does that make you racist? Let's put this all into context. So now my question is what happened that lead up to this moment? Was he being chastised? Comments on this video has left me speechless as people wrote that racism is alive. If this is your only evidence of racism in America then I believe you are just as crazy as this man in the video.

See Video Here.