Monday, January 30, 2012

Why Is Chili Still Playing Leading Roles in Videos? Isn’t She Like 40?

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Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter how old she is the woman is GORGEOUS looks younger than most 20 year old..He asked her to be in his video as his LEADING LADY..i think it was a perfect a love song ..its not like she in a club shaking her ass with a g string on..smdh...and they have been lady's older than her or around the same age who have.been leading ladies..vivica fox in 50 cent video, regina king in jahiem and so on..plz stop with the Hate its ugly..They look great together ..and there's Great CHEMISTRY:)))

Anonymous said...

big deal...she's black & beautiful - 40 y.o. black woman is like a 20 y.o. white chic.