Thursday, January 5, 2012

Kimbella REVEALS She Wants To Get MARRIED, But Wouldn't WAIT As Long As Chrissy And Jim Did!

According to Theybf “Fresh from our exclusive interview about her fight with Erica Mena, Kimbella is providing more comments about the engagement of Chrissy Lampkin and Jim Jones and revealing her own thoughts about marriage to her baby's daddy Juelz Santana. Get the deets inside....

Kimbella spoke about the recent engagement of Chrissy and Jim on "Love & Hip Hop," and she revealed a few interesting deets about her own relationship AND addressed rumors of Juelz cheating.  Here are the highlights:

On waiting for a man to  propse to you:

Umm…wait didn’t she wait like seven years or something like that? (laughs) That’s a long time! In my eyes, it’s no reason why someone can’t commit to being in a relationship, or even being married, after three to four years. But again, I don’t know their situation, so I can’t say, or do I even know why she waited that long. But with me, yes, I do want to get married, but when the time is right. A lot of women always say, oh if they don’t get married, they leaving, but when you in love, you just don’t know.

On staying with Juelz if she found out he cheated:

(I)f my man doesn’t have the strength and respect to tell me, and I have to find out from another source, yes, I would move on. I mean, I am dealing with someone who is in the industry, and I myself am in the industry, and I am not easy to deal with just like he isn’t easy to deal with. It works both ways, but Julez is very respectful.”

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Poor Kimbella..keep dreaming honey!