Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Disturbing Details About Terrence Howard’s Divorce-It’s Ugly

Terrance Howard and his soon to be ex-wife Michelle Ghent Howard is going through an UGLY divorce! Michelle called Terrence Howard violent in according to court docs-and he called her racist! (Stupid-You just now noticing your wife is racist)

Court papers have surfaced, and here are the details

  • - Michelle claims she didn’t know about Terrence’s history of domestic violence until after they were married
  • - Terrence claims that Michelle said racist things to him throughout their marriage, and called him ‘The N Word’
  • - Michelle threatened to sell private recordings that belonged to Terrence
  • - While in a South Africa hotel, Terrence threw Michelle across the room and threatened to throw her off the balcony
  • And more:
  • - Terrence grabbed a knife, slammed it into their kitchen island, and told Michelle to stab him with it
  • - Shortly after reconciliation, Terrence broke Michelle’s computer in half and she left him again
  • - Michelle hacked into Terrence’s email and withdrew $260,000 from his bank accounts
  • - Terrence told Michelle that he felt like killing himself over the Thanksgiving weekend

Michelle has a restraining order against Terrence Howard that will expire on January 17th. He’s going to whoop that ass on the 18th!!! Just kidding- You should have married a sista Terrance!


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