Friday, January 6, 2012

Darryl Strawberry’s Ex-Wife Loses Lawsuit For Darryl’s Mets Money

According to TMZ, Darryl Strawberry’s ex-wife just suffered a massive setback in court — after a judge ordered she can’t touch $800,000 in Mets money Darryl earned in the 80s … until the IRS gets its cut.

According to court docs, Darryl has an arrangement with the Mets, in which the ball club pays him $8,891 a month as delayed compensation for his time with the team.

According to the docs, Strawberry had earmarked $800,000 of the money specifically for his ex Charisse Strawberry as part of their divorce settlement agreement. But turns out, Darryl also allegedly owes the IRS $472,086, which creates a big problem … who gets paid first?



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