Thursday, January 12, 2012


Although Beyonce and Jay-Z are celebrities, the hospital have an obligation to everyone and looks like the Department of Health is making sure that Everyone was treated fairly after all the complaints.

According to TMZ:

“The NY State Health Department is investigating complaints from new parents who claim they were mistreated by the staff at Lenox Hill Hospital while Beyonce was giving birth in the VIP room.

TMZ broke the story … several parents are considering filing a lawsuit against LHH –claiming they were neglected by staff and prevented from visiting their newborns … due to the drama surrounding the superstar.

Now, a rep for the Health Dept. tells the NY Daily News, “Whenever we receive a complaint, we look into it. It’s not necessarily an investigation. It could be a review. Most likely in this case, it would be an investigation.”

It’s unclear how many parents complained — but as we previously reported, a whole bunch of people were griping about the situation during a breastfeeding class a few days ago. “

I wonder how many complaints were filed? I’m sure the staff was a little more attentive to the celebs and less attentive to ‘regular folk’! Completely unfair, but life is unfair sometime.


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