Thursday, December 1, 2011

THIS IS NOT A GAME! Students Are Taking Part In ’30-Seconds’ Game – Girl Has 30-Seconds To Beat Up Student In Bathroom

A teenage girl is battered and beaten inside a Detroit school restroom while other girls watch and record the whole thing. However, this isn't the first time this girl has been assaulted at school. Her family says administrators know about the fighting and chose to look the other way.
School is supposed to be about reading, writing and arithmetic, but inside the walls of Detroit's Ludington Middle School a bathroom has been used as a backdrop for brutal teenage brawls.
It's a game called "30 Seconds," but no one is playing. One eighth grader pummels another while a group of girls stand by egging it on -- taping and timing it.
"This happened during school at eight o'clock in the morning. Where was security, the staff, teachers? You do not notice that 15 of your kids are gone out of a classroom?"

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