Monday, December 19, 2011

Sanaa Lathan Says She’s Not Dating Kobe: He Doesn’t Like Black Women



Your Black Gossip reports:

That Jay-Z/Kanye West “Watch the Throne” concert  at L.A’s Staples Center must have been something else! First Kim Kardashian and Kanye go public with their flirtation, now the reason for the most talked about divorce in La-La Land---at the moment---may have shown her face for the first time.

Sanaa Lathan, clearly one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood spent much of the event drinking, mingling and flirting with L.A. Laker, Kobe Bryant – while the ink was still drying on the divorce papers. Rumor has it, that the 33-year-old baller may have become a little too close to the A-Lister recently, causing wife of 10 years, Vanessa Bryant, to pull the plug on their lifeless marriage.

Lathan is currently the voice of Donna Tubbs on Family Guy spin-off, The Cleveland Show.

Kobe arrived with team-mate, Matt Barnes, who recently went through his own split from his Basketball “wife,” Gloria Govan, in the midst of allegations that he cheated with friend and business partner, Eva Longoria, who coincidentally is a Hollywood actress.

Sanaa, in a white chiffon freak-um dress, replete with visible black bra, was allegedly dancing in front of Bryant, at certain moments, turning whispering in his ear and touching his face.  “It seemed like a pretty intimate gesture,” says one source.

When Yeezy performed “All of the Lights,” Bryant and Lathan danced together while she flirtatiously flung her hair everywhere “hitting Kobe in the face,” revealed the source.

Sanaa, on the other hand, quick to dispel the rumors, went where else? Twitter:

Can a girl have some fun at a jayz/kanye concert w/out being linked 2 a breakup? I AM NOT, NEVER HAVE BEEN, INVOVLED W/KOBE IN ANY WAY.

Anybody who pays attention knows I’m not his type… Blank stare. #blackgirlsrock #dontbelievethelies

Hmmm, even if nothing has happened up until this point, Sanaa seems to definitely be down if Kobe would give her the time of day.


Stay tuned….


Anonymous said...

did i miss something? where in the statement did she say kobe does not like black women?

Anonymous said...

I agree. Her comment about not being 'his' type could have meant any thing. This silly minded article is typical of the people who benefit from promoting and fostering the alleged gender war between black men and women. These treacherous individuals will reap what they sow in the end.

Anonymous said...

How do you know it wasn't a black person who made this comment? Kobe dated black women back in the day, but he got married to a Latina early in his life so he could not officially date anybody, although he was secretly dating (you know what I mean) all kinds of women. People who cheat tend not to discriminate (they take all shapes, colors, sizes, etc.). If the Lord had not promised to never destroy the world again, He would have wiped us all out by now! Help us Lord!

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