Monday, December 5, 2011

Gayle King Calls Wendy Williams a Liar about the Oprah Winfrey Letter

Wendy Williams is being accused of being a liar by Gayle King, Oprah Winfrey’s best friend.  The whole thing started when Wendy, the gossip queen, painted the picture that Gayle and Oprah had fallen out over Gayle’s decision to leave OWN and head to CBS.   Wendy read a letter on the air, allegedly from Oprah herself, which seemed to confirm her initial suspicion.

Later in the week, the hosts of the Tom Joyner Morning Show were discussing the contents of the letter, and Gayle happened to be listening at the time.   Infuriated by what she was hearing, Gayle called right into the show to set the record straight:

 “The letter that I heard Wendy read — I didn’t see it — I know Oprah never wrote a letter to Wendy. I said, ‘I’m getting all these messages that you wrote a letter to Wendy,’ and she goes, ‘Gayle, you know more than anybody knows that that’s not true,’ ” said King.

King went on to say that Wendy was dead wrong about the perceived rift between herself and Oprah.

“‘[Oprah] said, ‘Are you kidding? This is so what you do, the news is what you love … you would be crazy to pass it up!’ ” King said.

It looks like Wendy Williams may have put her foot in her mouth once again.  But since when has she ever cared about that? 


MYM2011 said...

If Wendy is lying, then there goes her credibility.

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Wendy has a history of making up stuff to be "edgy"...this isn't her FIRST lie, and won't be her last.

Anonymous said...

Wendy always lie she needs to tell if she a woman or a man.

Bunni said...

Wendy Williams is a TRASHY h/she who built her "career" by spreading lies and rumors. If I could ask h/she one question, it would be: When are you gonna ask Judge Mathis on your show so y'all could continue the talk y'all had on WBLS years ago? You know, Wendy - the one where Judge Mathis called you a cokehead - 'memba THAT??

James-Braque said...

It is no surprise that Wendy Williams would lie. She never told about her and Madea being separated at birth.