Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Glen Beck Wants To Know Whats Wrong With the Terms "COLORED & BLACK

Blacks to refer to themselves as African Americans is “ridiculously stupid"

Glenn Beck is always saying something outrageous. Particularly if it has anything to do with race and pertains to African Americans. This go-round, he may have taken his desire for attention too far. Like a child with ADHD he seems to be incapable of behaving himself. In a recent interview, the conservative radio talk show host asked, “Is the term ‘colored’ such a bad thing?” Beck went on to suggest that for blacks to refer to themselves as African Americans is “ridiculously stupid,” adding that the terms”black” and “colored” were more appropriate. It is Beck’s belief that using the term colored in 2011 is “completely fine” adding“we have been made to feel bad about saying colored” and the term African American is a “superman cultural distinction"

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