Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Father To Toddler Who Lost Eye Busted With 55 Baggies Of Crack Taped To His Penis

Michael Bailey, a 28 –year old father of a toddler who lost his eye during a shooting in New York, has been arrested.  Bailey was stopped by officers while riding with his girlfriend near their home when the officer smelled marijuana.  That’s when cops searched him to find 55 baggies of crack tied to his penis.

Police say that Bailey was pulled over just blocks away from where his two-year old daughter Samyah was shot in the head on September 15.   He and his girlfriend refused to get out of the car, but when they finally did, a bag of marijuana fell out of his lap.

It wasn’t until they arrived at the station that police say they patted Bailey down, noticing an unusual bulge in his pants.  That’s when they found 55 baggies of crack and 11 bags of cocaine tied to his penis with a rubber band.

Bailey is a known drug dealer with a series of prior arrests for robbery, grand larceny and drug possession.   His little girl was less than 2-years old when she was shot during an argument between her father and two other men.   The bullet went through her temple and came out of her left eye. 


Anonymous said...

Dope dealers deal dope where I come from what I dont get is why does this come as a surprise to many of you about this idiot glad he ain't my dad and hell the kid is really screwed mother and father and I use those titles loosely are f..... Up Damn!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well im samyah bailey's aunt and she has nothin to do with her fatha havin drugs on him and another thing is my sister stephanie had nothin to do with that so all that dum ass info stop it anyways samyah is doin real good so stop with the fake info about samyah and stephanie and i thank god that she was with samyah she is a blessing and she got a new eye and she is good