Friday, December 16, 2011

Chaka Khan Granted Custody Of Her 10 Year Old Granddaughter

The singer Chaka Khan, who is preparing for a life in the shade as a retiree, has now agreed to take on one of the toughest tasks that most of us experience during adulthood.  She has been granted custody of her 10-year old granddaughter, according to court records.

The order went through this week and Chaka now has permanent guardianship for Daija Jade Holland.  Chaka is going to share guardianship with her sister, Tammy McCrary, in order to raise the child.   The proceedings occurred after Chaka went to court to protest the child's parents ability to raise the child.  According to court records, the singer had to take temporary custody of the girl after noticing that her drug addicted parents were unable to do the job. 

This happens too often doesn't it?   People need to be raising their own damn kids. 

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