Monday, November 21, 2011

What do Hip-Hop and Prison Have in Common? Martha Stewart



Your Black Gossip reports:

Martha Stewart had a really cute interview with Refinery 29, and they asked her about rumors that she was a “really” big rap fan. Stewart denied being a fan-fan, but did admit that she liked rap music, and even more interesting, she liked rappers:

“Well, not a really big fan,” she told Refinery 29. “But I like rap music. They’re all cute. Those are cute guys and they’re all talented. I do like rap music. I think it makes sense, I like the words. Well, not all of them. I like the beat. And during my show, that’s what we play during the breaks, and everybody is dancing in their seats and having a great time. “

Upon Stewart’s release, Hip-Hop superstar and actor, Ludacris became a show favorite, joining Stewart to make Origami sea bass in 2008; and in 2010, the rapper appeared on the show to made apple crumb cake and share a Conjure cocktail (a cognac sponsored by Ludacris) with his host and actor Andy Garcia.

With Stewart serving five months in prison for inside trading in 2004, we wonder if her inmates put her on to Hip-Hop? If so, the moral of the story is: There’s always a silver lining.

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