Friday, November 18, 2011

You Go Girl! 7 Year Old Writes Book On Bullying "Not Fat Because I Wanna Be"

Job Well Done! Way To Go! LET'S STOP BULLYING

While most kids her age are playing with toys, 7-year-old LaNiyah Bailey is writing books about obesity and preaching advocacy of anti-bullying. Her mantra is: "I am beautiful. I am loved. I will not let what others say define me. Bullying is not cool." In an effort to share this courageous mindset, LaNiyah created a children's storybook, Not Fat Because I Wanna Be, about a little girl, Jessica, who is teased by her peers for being overweight.
Written in the first person, LaNiyah's inspiration comes from her own personal experiences of being "different". Even before little LaNiyah was consuming solid food she had feeding issues but it wasn't until the age of 3 that it became noticeable.
As her weight gain grew excessive, LaNiyah's parents took her to a pediatrician and put her on a strict diet. "The pictures of inside my stomach showed that my colon was really swollen," LaNiyah writes.
Despite consistent efforts to eat healthy and exercise, LaNiyah still battles obesity weighing over 100 pounds. She is currently undergoing endocrine/pubertal tests to diagnose her weight disparity.

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