Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Teen Accidentally Tangled In Noose At Haunted House In Critical Condition

The frightening tale made headlines across America as the actress in the Fenton Mo. haunted house became the victim of a real life horror story.
An area supervisor told police that she found the teen alone inside The Manor section in the bathroom hanging by a prop noose. According to a Jefferson County Sherriff's Department report released Wednesday, the girl was unresponsive and many of the attractions' visitors may have walked by, unaware that the girl was not acting.
At the time of the incident, the girl was wearing a white bath towel and dark shorts as part of her costume. She is believed to have used the noose for visual effect. There were signs of scuff marks and shoe prints on the wall and tub, according to the report.
"The noose was hanging over a bathtub," Sheriff's Department Capt. Ron Arnhart said in a statement. "For whatever reason, her head wound up in the noose and it looked like she lost her footing and slipped off the edge of the tub."
A maintenance man checking electrical work reportedly noticed the girl and checked her pulse. He then climbed onto the bathtub and supported her head as the rope was cut. Another worker, hearing the call for help on a walkie talkie, responded to The Manor and gave the girl two breaths. She then began breathing on her own, according to the police report.

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