Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Simon Cowell Is Giving Kelly Rowland 48 Hours To Return To The UK Or Else!

Simon Say Get Back OR He Will X Her Factor

Kelly Rowland has been given the ultimate ultimatum from Simon Cowell.  The wealthy crazy man has given Kelly 48 hours to return to England, or he's going to kick her off the X Factor.  Kelly had pulled out of this week's show with a throat infection, but Simon isn't hearing any of it.

The 30-year old star was too sick to fly back from LA after spending a week in the city on business.  She was replaced temporarily on the show by 2008 winner Alexandra Burke to mentor the female performers.
Someone familiar with the show said “Kelly has been told it’s time to make her mind up. Everyone is supportive of the fact she is ill but other bosses are annoyed at the situation.  She doesn’t want to quit. She is adamant that she isn’t worried about the row she had with Tulisa and wants to return but she has to give the ­producers her word – and fast.”

Kelly's absence is the latest in a series of problems for the show.  They've lost two million viewers since last year, with the show appearing to be on the decline.

An insider also said this about the show: “Things are at crisis point. Producers and Simon need to know that Kelly is ­going to return.  If not they need to find a replacement as soon as possible. Simon has heard things have got out of hand and that it’s war.”


Anonymous said...

I am currently looking at the X Factor and have been entertained like I would be at a concert. The show is dynamic and if it is on the decline, it is because people do not like Simon Cowell. I do not think he is crazy. I believe him to be very talented and one who calls a spade a spade. He may not be able to call them all like he sees them, but he is a very good judge of character and talent.

Anonymous said...

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