Monday, November 21, 2011

SAY WHAT?! - $1.4 BILLION Renovations For 2 New Jails.

The proposed new facility would be easier to maintain and cheaper to supervise

Los Angeles County supervisors could soon be asked to approve the county's most expensive building project ever, a $1.4-billion reconstruction and renovation of two jails, one of which has figured in allegations of inmate abuse.

The officials will also have to gauge whether the potential benefits outweigh the hefty price tag, given the tough economy. Some supervisors wonder whether they may be diverting money from other vital services when cheaper jail alternatives could be considered.

Law enforcement officials agree that the aging Men's Central Jail in downtown Los Angeles needs an upgrade because its antiquated layout makes it difficult for guards to watch all inmates.
 County Chief Executive William T Fujioka and Sheriff Lee Baca endorsed a plan to replace Men's Central Jail and add space to the Pitchess Detention Center in Castaic during a meeting last month. They said the moves would make the nation's largest jail system safer and cheaper to operate by modernizing the design. Building costs would be historically low because of the economic downturn, they added.

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