Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Jay-Z: Beyonce Announced Pregnancy to Beat Tabloids



By: Jahbrielle Henning-Rayford, Your Black World

According to a recent article in GQ. magazine, Hip-Hop heavyweight, Jay-Z, says that it was Beyonc√© who made the decision to announce her pregnancy on the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards. With a glowing smile, Queen Bey surprised audiences when she showed off her baby bump after performing “Love on Top” at the VMAs.

It has been confirmed by Kelly Rowland, the diva’s form Destiny’s Child bandmate and best friend, that the power couple is expecting a girl.

Jay-Z is ecstatic about the pregnancy. When the hip-hop mogul was 11, his father left the family, and Jay-Z is determined to break that cycle. Giving readers a rare look into his personal life, Jay-Z says that he will be there for the new addition in all the ways that matter:

“Providing-that’s not love…Being there-that’s more important,” he tells GQ.

Jay, born Shawn Carter, has made headlines himself recently. While his Republican brand of rap remains popular with the masses, he attempts to capitalize off of the #OccupyWallStreet movement by creating an urban inspired t-shirt with “Occupy All Streets emblazoned across the front did not meet with equal enthusiasm.

The storm of criticism was followed by the $22 t-shirts being removed from Rocawear’s website, but they quickly returned with a spokesman saying they were merely out of stock.

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