Tuesday, November 1, 2011

50 Cent Gives His 2 Cents To Occupy Wall Street Protesters

With an estimated worth  of $100 million, rapper 50 Cent is definitely among the one percent, but he’s not against the Occupy Wall Street protests that are sweeping the nation. Fiddy took to Twitter late Sunday night to give the demonstrators some advice and explain how he thinks his new energy drink can solve the problem.
Mr. Cent posted a trio of Tweets shortly before midnight. In his first pair of messages, he expressed support for nonviolent protests and asked the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators to try and get along with the police. (Ed. Note: We’re not even going to bother typing [sic] after each error, all spelling is Fiddy’s own)
“To everyone protesting right now. I want U to know I’m for peaceful protesting. Just try not to make the police feel like there the enemy. They will hurt U … You would be surprised how many of them would like to be apart of protesting with U. there hurting to,” Mr. Cent wrote.
Mr. Cent then took the opportunity to plug his newest business venture, a “5 Hour Energy” style shot called “Street King” that he launched in September with the boxers Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather.
“I think the STREETKING business model is the answer. if major corporations used it There would be nothing to protest. Give Back,” Mr. Cent wrote.

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