Wednesday, November 16, 2011

4th Graders Suspended For Allegedly Sexually Assulting Boy In School Bathroom

the mother requested her son be transferred to another school and that the request was granted.

Police are investigating an allegation that a fourth-grade boy was sexually assaulted by other boys last month at a West Philadelphia school, a school district spokesman said Tuesday.
Three other fourth graders allegedly assaulted the boy in a restroom at Bryant School, 6001 Cedar Ave., said district spokesman Fernando Gallard.
The school was alerted by the boy's mother, who contacted his teacher Nov. 5, a Saturday, Gallard said. A school inquiry was launched the following Monday. The allegation was reported to the police Special Victims Unit.
The school concluded there had been an incident of bullying and suspended the three boys for five days, Gallard said. Police will determine if a sexual assault occurred.
In the meantime, the school is requiring that students going to a restroom travel in pairs, Jala Pearson, the school's principal, told parents in a letter Monday.
"Please know the education and safety of every student is the highest priority of every Bryant School staff member," Pearson wrote.
The school counselor met with every class to discuss inappropriate behavior and the importance of reporting incidents to school staff immediately, the letter said.
A police officer is scheduled to speak Tuesday at a student assembly to talk about bullying and related topics, the letter said.
Details of the alleged assault were not included in the letter. Gallard said he did not know specific details of what was alleged.

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