Wednesday, November 9, 2011

16 Year Old Being Charged As An Adult After Attacking Principal With Hammer

administrators also found dangerous weapons in Diana Barfield’s backpack, including a steak knife, razor, box cutter, and an eight and a half inch homemade stabbing device, known as a “shank.”

A Florida student accused of swinging a hammer at an assistant principal will face charges as an adult. Diana Barfield, 16, was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and possession of a weapon on school grounds.
The incident happened October 7th at Evans High School, but the teen was formally charged on Monday.
Barfield's grandmother was shocked after learning her granddaughter showed up at school with a bag full of weapons.
"She got into fights before, but these weapons?" Diane Carson said.
Authorities with the Orange County Sheriff's Office said Barfield brought a steak knife, an eyebrow razor, a box cutter and a homemade shank to the school.
Carson said her granddaughter told her about gangs in the school and having to protect herself, but deputies said the incident went beyond a fight with a fellow student after the teen took a swing at the school's assistant principal with a hammer.
Carson said there's no defense for attacking an administrator, but she said that a student carrying a bag of weapons is a clear sign she feels threatened at her own school.
"If the child had three or four weapons on her, isn't that telling you something? The child is scared," Carson said.
Kirstan Campbell, 16, is also a student at Evans High School.
Campbell said Barfield shouldn't have done what she is charged with doing, but Campbell said she believes the charges are too harsh.

"It's not fair because it's like she's still a child," Campbell said.
Carson claimed Barfield was scared of gangs at the high school.
Another student, Akia Crews, said that's not the case.
"They're not gangs. They're called cliques, friends," Crews said. "If they feel you're trying (to hurt) one of their friends, they'll help their friends."
Barfield's bond was set at $3,650 with certain restrictions.

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