Thursday, October 27, 2011

Who's Bad?! Michael Jackson Tops Forbes Highest Paid Dead Celebrity

Over the past 12 months Jackson’s estate brought in $170 million
Michael Jackson might have been dead for the past two years, but the King of Pop is raking in the dough better than most people who are breathing.  Jackson just topped the Forbes list of the richest dead celebs, bringing in $170 from US sales of music in the last year.  This was a decline from last year, where Jackson earned $275 million, but it still a nice haul for the singer's estate.

Jackson's estate managers just started Cirque De Soleil Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour.  This tour could actually make Michael far richer than any tour he ever did when he was alive.   The profits are going to be split between the folks at Cirque and the Jackson estate.  Jackson's family also gets paid from royalties of the songs being performed at the show.

Behind Michael Jackson were Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Charles Shulz and John Lennon.  Shulz was the creator of Charlie Brown.  If you don't know who the others are, then you might want to take your head out of the sand.


Anonymous said...

Michael Jackson is the Gift That Keep On Giving. More than just Michael Jackson's estate is getting Rich.

Anonymous said...

He's part of that upper income 1% even though he's gone. Should we begrudge the 1%?