Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Man Who Suffered In Dungeon Is Reunited With His Family

At first, Edwin Sanabria didn't recognize the young man with a smile who walked into the dining room of the personal-care home in Wynnefield where he was staying.
"Hey, bro," the cheerful man said.
Edwin, 31, looked up from his lunch. He nodded without a flicker of connection.
"It's me," the visitor pressed on. "Do you remember me?"
Edwin shook his head no. The man put his face right up to Edwin's. Side by side, he appeared to be a fuller-faced, taller version of Edwin.
Edwin had trouble seeing. It took him a minute to focus his eyes, but then something clicked.
"Oh," he said softly, "Robert."
Last Friday, the 13-year odyssey of Edwin Sanabria came to an end. After being rescued by police from a Tacony cellar Oct. 15, Edwin was reunited with his brother Robert, 29, and father Ivan, 54.

  Edwin told his family he was physically harmed by Weston, who took his monthly Social Security check after he cashed it. The other two men in captivity - Herbert Knowles, 40, and Derwin McLemire, 41 - also told police Weston stole their government benefits.
Edwin has a scar on his chest from a gash he said Weston inflicted when he tried to stop her from beating Breeden with a broomstick. Edwin said Weston and her teenage children also would punish him by shooting him in the feet with BB guns.
For the last few years, Weston traveled around the country with the disabled adults, making stops in Killeen, Texas; West Palm Beach, Fla.; and Norfolk, Va. Edwin told his family that they were forced to burglarize houses along the way.

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