Monday, October 24, 2011

Little Girls Were Switched at Birth, but Choose to Keep their Parents

Switched at Birth Girls Want to Stay With Wrong Moms

Two little girls just found out that they were switched at birth.  Rather than going to their real parents, they’ve decided to stay with the people who raised them.

A pair of 12-year-old girls who discovered they were accidentally switched at birth want to stay with the mothers who have been raising them rather than go to their real parents.

The girls have grown up just a few miles away from each other in the town of Kopeisk in the Ural Mountains of eastern Russia.

Their mothers gave birth in the same maternity ward just 15 minutes apart in 1999, and their infant daughters were inadvertently given the wrong name tags.

Their true identities were revealed after the ex-husband of Yuliya Belyaeva, one of the mothers, refused to pay for child care because his daughter, Irina, looked nothing like him. After conducting several DNA tests it emerged that neither adult was Irina's biological parent.

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blkgalusa said...

To me..they are way too young to make that decision. I would want my kids.

Anonymous said...

That's selfish. The children came to know and love their "mother". The mothers have loved and cared for their daughters. They've shared experiences and memories. Why would you want to separate the child from what they know and love. They should probably be in each others lives but uprooting a child from their established and loving environment could be disastrous.