Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lil Wayne Talks About Retirement And Bad Relationship With His Biological Father

Lil Wayne has previously stated that he wants to retire from the mic by 35.

Weezy just did a story in GQ's "Gods of Rock" issue.  In the story, Wayne goes into his challenged relationship with his biological father, along with his issues with drugs and all the other things that make him the "unique" artist that he is.

He also says that he plans to retire at the age of 35, mainly because he believes he's accomplished everything that he's ever wanted as an artist.  At the age of 29, Wayne says that he's walking away from the game so he can do justice for his children and his artists.

“Basically, I have been doing this for eighteen years. That’s reason number one. I have accomplished all that I have set out to accomplish and more. Also, I have a label, and I’ve only put out two artists [Drake and Nicki Minaj]. I have a lot more work to do, and it’d be selfish to not focus on being the boss and focus on their projects.” said Wayne. “But the main reason is my kids, my children. Now, if I thought I’d be selfish to my artists, imagine what I think I would be doing to my kids. I have enough money that they don’t have to ever do anything—which, they will do everything, ’cause they ain’t getting s–t. [cackles wildly] Six [more] years, I can do this Lil Wayne thing, and my boys will be about 7 and 8 years old. And man, it’s all about them then. You know, whatever they’re doing. Sports. Whatever they’re into. That’s where I am. I’m at every game. I’m the dad with the hat on. The jersey. That’s me.”

When it comes to his relationship with his father, Dwayne Carter, Wayne had some harsh words:

“He don’t give a s–t about me. And I don’t give a s–t about him. I know his friends be like, “Damn, ni–a. That is not your son. Stop lying. Ni–a, you could be living in a motherf–king ranch right now, ni–a.” You know, whatever your father’s into, if you’re rich, you’re gonna get him that s–t. I would’ve got that ni–a all kinda harnesses, ranches—you know what I mean? I saw the ni–a recently—I had a show in New Orleans. And I ain’t afraid to put this out there, ’cause this is just how much I don’t give a f–k about a ni–a, and I want people to see how you’re not supposed to be. I was parked at the hotel, and I saw him walking outside the hotel. Just walking back and forth. I’m like, “Look at this ni–a! You gotta be looking for me.” If Lil Wayne got a show in New Orleans, the whole of New Orleans knows. Basically, you’re not there for nothing else but me. So I call my man on the bus. I’m like, “Ni–a, that’s my daddy.” He’s like, “Word? Oh s–t. That ni–a looks just like you!” So I tell my man, “Go see what’s up.” So my man goes to holla at him. He tells my man, ‘Oh. I didn’t know y’all was here. I’m here waiting for this little h- to get off. Get off work from the hotel.’ For real? That’s when I was like, ‘Typical Dwayne Carter.’ So that’s what’s up with me and my real father. I don’t want to look like his a–, but I do.”


Anonymous said...

Never fails pride in a lot of cases will get you know where. This situation shows you that a lot of men do not know how to communicate their feelings or express themselves.

albertak said...

You are so right, it is unfortunate. In this instance you see Lil Wayne trying to pretend that it doesn't matter whether he has a relationship with his father or not, yet you can feel the hurt and his need to connect with his father. On the other hand, his father because he didn't do what he should have done by his son is riddle with guilt and don't know how to reach out to his son. This is the sad part because from the looks of things they both need each other, just differently.
This sad saga should be a lesson for all the brothas out there - do not absent yourself form your child. Be the best parent that you can be, otherwise it may come back to haunt you and the child both.

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight,Lil Wayne or whatever u call yourself, this is the reason that you have such a dirty mouth and denergrate women and embarass other men who choose to do better in a respectful manner. I suppose you blame this on your father not being a good dad. Have you any common sense at all. You don't have to sell out and make a complete ass of yourself to become a success. One day u will look at the fool who sold u this line of bs and regret the day u met him. No matter how much u earn fiancially you will at sometime be a total embarassment to your children. Just suppose for a minute that one of them chooses to run for office, how in the world could they present you?

Anonymous said...

You know I wish Lil Wayne all the best, I hate that you are going thur this madness with your father, it's going to be okay, you are hurting right now, it's okay to feel this way:) you got to remember this, The Most High God, will deal with your father, I just don't like people hating on there parents that's a bad stain, remember, non of us are perfect, we all are going to make mistakes, for all you know your father probably always thinking about you, it's all about communicating, expressing yourself, maybe he doesn't know how to open up, you're so famous, maybe he's thinking you don't have anything to do with him, why? you didn't approach your father, instead of sending one of you home boys over to talk to him, that was your opportunity to express yoursef to him, Stop avoiding the issue, the more you avoid it you will always hurt inside, knowing you want to have a relation with him, I pray god will touch the both of you that you two will get to know each other, you just can't make it into "HEAVEN" with hate on your heart, sorry to tell you, I hope your children will one day meet there grandfather, you are a great person Lil Wayne, don't be so hard on yourself,...