Wednesday, October 19, 2011

John Singleton Suing Over the Film, “Hustle and Flow”

Your Black World reports.


John Singleton is suing both Paramount Pictures and MTV films, stating that they failed to follow through on a promise to distribute two films for him. 

The lawsuit claims that Singleton let Paramount distribute Hustle & Flow in 2005 for $9 million, which is a relatively small amount of money compared to what he could have earned.

The tradeoff, according to the lawsuit, is that Paramount agreed to finance two more Singleton films in the future.  The only stipulation was that the budgets would not exceed $3.5 million.

The suit mentions that Paramount got rich off “Hustle & Flow,” but didn’t follow through on the rest of their commitments.  Singleton says that when the time came for them to greenlight his projects, they placed a series of restrictions on them which made it impossible to get the films done.

The suit is for $20 million


carol98 said...

Go for Mr.Singleton that is wrong and I am sure they will pay one way or another.

Anonymous said...

Same story, different day.

jesse100 said...

That's Business make sure it comes out correct.

uptownbill said...

Hey John, you were paid your 30 pieces of Silver now you can't live with it. John sold/pimped out black people with that Horrible movie Hustle & Flow. About a self loathing Blackman who abuses all the black people around him and thinks that the white girl is his only real hope. So John, yes it is hard out here for a pimp now You know!

Anonymous said...

uptownbill is a numbskull!