Sunday, October 30, 2011

Doug And Jackie Christie Talks About Light Skin VS Dark Skin Still Being An "Issue" In The Black Community

this is an issue that starts at home in the childhood
Unfortunately, in the black community we are still plagued with the debate of Light Skin VS Dark Skin. I call it colorsim, Recently there have been books, and documentaries on the issue, so it’s been a topic on SuperGorge Radio a few times recently. My stance on the entire situtaion is love who you are , dark skin, light skin, brown skin, whatever love it and own it! I do believe this is an issue that starts at home in the childhood. If you are teased for being light or dark, your home life teaches you how to deal. Sadly too many of us are still stuck in “lighter is better” and not accepting of ourselves. Case in point Jackie Christie! Jackie and her husband Doug,  recently set down to talk about the LIGHT SKIN VS DARK SKIN “issue”.

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