Wednesday, June 15, 2011


*Rihanna is steady telling the world of haters how she really feels, and it is through the new celebrity social club, Twitter that she makes it known.

She recently bumped into a fan on the social media site while satisfying a late night hunger crave at McDonalds.

A fan tweeted, “Rhianna in the housee at McDonalds LOL, she’s actually a rude stank girl. Such a shame for pretty girl! *Bitcch Dowwn*

She also added: “Why you stormin out and bumpin in to ppl at McDonalds @rihanna ?? Not very nice of you, come to our city and act up!

After being alerted of the tweets, Rihanna quickly tweeted at the fan: “I was in McD’z for 3 seconds! If I bumped into u, obviously it was an accident! Didn’t notice… #sensitive

But the fan needed to press the issue saying Rihanna must have noticed.

The singer retorted with, “@iStan4Rihanna_ to peep at the menu b4 I “bumped into” these cunts, lol.”

Oh and the beef didn’t stop there. She actually took her rage out on a Beyonce fan too: “@BeyFierceIV F*CK u C*NT!!!! #unclassyNavy“.

As a result of her tirade, some of her fans stopped following.

Perhaps the superstar’s responses are getting a bit out of hand. There’s a time to fight and a time to simply ignore the ignorance. In fact, who knew RiRi had that much time on her hands?

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Anonymous said...

You know its sad, that she has that much time on her hands to be on twiiter! what ever the hell it is! The girl needs to get a life, dick, chris brown something! GO die her hair again!!! lol. But we fans are the one that is making the Bitch rich!!! if it wasn't for us she wouldn't be where she is now. Her and her stuck up attuide!!! She's not all that! I personally think she has a nasty attuide and fake ass hell, and I never met the Bitch! just by her whole deamnor, is ugly too me! She's ugly and Fake ass hell! Someone needs to put her red ass head in line!!!! people need to stop buying her damn music and then the Bitch would be poor, and lets see if she tweets then!!! lol