Thursday, June 2, 2011

Famous Over Your Battered Body

I've come to the conclusion that black women with cute faces, big butts, who are desperate to be in the industry will stop at nothing to be famous. Everyone has been on Twitter and Facebook hoping and praying that Sean Kingston is recovering well from his ski accident. No one even thought about the passenger on the Jet Ski with him. Sadly, Cassie Melinda doesn't think that Sean deserves all the attention. She gained instant internet fame as her nude bathroom photo shoot pictures were plastered on When does it end? I'm convinced that Melinda would have hoped that Kingston would have died in the ski accident so she could be on BET having an interview playing the mourning one night stand widow. Jumping to conclusions you say? I don't think so. When asked her perspective on the accident she lacked all forms of empathy stating that, "foam leaked from his mouth." Does that sound like someone who cares? Who am I to judge, howeveer? Everyone needs to make a living somehow even if it's over someone else's battered or dead body.