Saturday, November 7, 2009

Did Jigga Get Charlamagne Tha God Fired from His Job?

The people at Media Outrage did an interview with an insider at 100.3 The Beat to see if Jigga really did have a role in getting Charlamagne Tha God Fired over his interview with Beanie Sigal.  Here’s what they had to say:


MO: Was Charlamagne fired because of his interview with Beanie Sigel?

Person: Yes, I am %100 sure that he was let go because of his interview with Beanie Sigel.

MO: So you’re not speculating like the rest of us right now?

Person: No

MO: Why would they do that though, knowing that that interview brought high ratings?

Person: You have to understand as I’m very sure that he already does, the station has to maintain an amicable relationship with Jay-Z and his camp because this man is the biggest rapper in the game right now. Infact, he’s not really even a rapper anymore. He’s a business. So you can’t risk ruining a relationship like that just to draw ratings. A radio personality can always be replaced and with the proper set-up, put in a position to succeed. It’s better for the station to replace that person than ruin a relationship with someone who has been on top of the game for years now.

MO: So you are saying that you are really %100 sure that Charlamagne was fired because of his interview with Beanie Sigel?

Person: Yes. I can’t really go into the particulars but that’s what I was told. Is it foul? Yes. This is the business that we are in though.

MO: Thank you very much for taking the time to speak with us.

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