Monday, May 19, 2008

Say it Aint So........Queen Pen Gets F*'d Up By her Man....

According to the New York Post rapper Queen Pen was attacked by her ex boyfriend read below:

Queen Pen, a tough-talking rapper and advocate for domestic violence victims, is in fear for her life as police hunt her ex-boyfriend, who allegedly pummeled her in front of their children and broke her Grammy Award in a fit of blind rage. Pen, 35, said she was attacked May 9 after an argument, during which her ex - Kendall Wicker, 29 - trashed her East Flatbush apartment, put a brick through her windshield and threatened to kill her.

The outburst came three months after Pen told police that Wicker, who is the father of two of the rapper’s five children, punched her in the face so hard during a dispute that she needed oral surgery to secure teeth knocked loose by the blow. A police report of the incident makes no mention of a physical assault and neither Pen nor police have seen Wicker since the latest incident.

Ain't that about a bi*ch! Poor thing, I hope she gets herself together!


Anonymous said...

man she used to be dope back in the day....remember lady's night video? i wonder what she been up to besides catching left hooks from her man.

Anonymous said...

This has always been a problem in alot of relationships. He should go to jail over this shit.