Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Freak Like Me Singer Adina Howard Ties The Knot

Adina Howard Gets Married theoriginal “Freak.” She made her debut onto the music scene in the 90′s with album Do You Wanna Ride? which spawned the platinum selling single “Freak Like Me.” Adina’s provocative and salacious lyrics paved the way for her following tracks: “Nasty Grind,” and the fan favorite “T-Shirt & Panties.” She is currently back in the studio prepping a new release. “This project is going to different from everything else because it’s not going to really be  focused the sex aspect what people know me for. It will be to the left, completely unexpected. I’m an artist, I like to grow. I like to spread my wings and fly into a different direction!” says Adina

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