Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Latest from What The Hayell–3/6/12

Former Teacher of the Year Molests 12-Yr Old; He IDs Her by Her Stretch Marks

By WTH Staff | Arrests, What The Ha-yell! (Edit)

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Ethel Anderson, a 29-year old woman who was once the teacher of the year, wasarrested for having sex with a 12-year old boy.  The woman was secretly recorded referring to the sex acts she had with …[Read more...]



Woman Jeopardizes Her Health With Addiction to Growing Her Toenails

By yvette | What The Ha-yell! (Edit)

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A woman who once grew her fingernails to enormous lengths is now jeopardizing herhealth by growing her toenails. The woman, known only as Ayanna, called her toenails her babies when interviewed by …[Read more...]

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