Friday, December 9, 2011

James Earl Jones Says His Racist Grandmother Had A Positive Side

She had Cherokee, Choctaw Indian and African-American roots, but James Earl Jones says in an interview with BBC News that his grandmother was the "most racist person" he has ever known.
"She trained us that way," Jones said. "She would consider it defensive racism, but it's still racism, it's still the same poison."
The "poison" had a positive side, though: He credits his grandmother with giving him his "first need for independent thinking" and allowing him to empathize with racists:

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Anonymous said...

It is allways men that date and marry white women that say crap like this. He doesn't take into account how racist the people were to her during that time period inwhich she lived. This helped formed her opinion and gave her a life survival skill that allowed his stupid self to be born. But she is the bad person?

Anonymous said...