Saturday, November 12, 2011

How Embarrassing: Mother Beats Up Bus Driver Then Flashes Cops

 A Winter Haven mother is facing multiple charges after boarding her child’s school bus and attacking the driver Thursday morning, according to a Police Department statement.
Marsia Emanual is also accused of dropping trou when officers attempted to arrest her at her Winter Haven home later that day.
For unknown reasons, 37-year-old Emanual flagged down her child’s school bus at 6:05 Thursday morning on Renton Manor, the affidavit states.
The bus driver, Marilyn Richmond, stopped the bus because she recognized Emanual as a parent of one of the students who rides the bus.
Richmond opened the school bus door to speak with Emanual, but Emanual boarded the bus instead.
Richmond told the suspect she could not be on the bus because students were on the bus, but Emanual wouldn’t leave.
When the driver repeatedly asked that the suspect leave, Emanual began yelling at the driver in a foreign language. Then she hit the driver in the arm and shoulder, the affidavit states.
The driver reported the incident to the authorities. Officers arrived to the scene, but eventually found Emanual at her  home on Brenton Manor Lane.
Officers said she was uncooperative and at one point, pulled her underpants down in front of them. She was ranting, yelling and refused to cooperate, officers said.

Emanuel was arrested and transported to Polk County Jail.
She was charged with Burglary to an Occupied Conveyance, Batter on School Personnel, School Disruption and Indecent Exposure in Public.
A 15 year-old on the bus was also arrested for causing a disturbance when law enforcement was investigating the attack.
The teen was charged with Disorderly Conduct School Disruption and Resisting Arrest W/O Violence.

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