Sunday, November 20, 2011

5 Ways To Protect Your Children From Pedophiles

Remember, pedophiles are like hunters,They wait in the wings and stalk their prey

  1. Teach your children to avoid contact and conversation with strangers and to run to safety if an adult tries to pursue them and even make noises if necessary.
  2. Teach children that their body is their own and that no one can touch it without permission. Establishing open and direct communication at a very early age about sexuality and “private body parts,” using the correct names for genitals and other parts of the body, will help children understand what is and what is not allowed for adults in contact with them
  3. Don’t give these predators power over you by accepting their lies. They rely on the embarrassment of talking about child molestation. They know that most people won’t bring the subject up. They use this to their advantage. Don’t let them.
  4. Teach children the difference between appropriate and inappropriate touching.
  5. Instruct children on the good secrets, like birthday parties, and bad ones. Bad secrets like bribes and threats are the main tools predators use to keep children on lock while they continually abuse them without outside detection.

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