Tuesday, November 1, 2011

3 Year Old Toddler Dies After Stepfather Brutally Beat Her for Not Eating

Police said her injuries were one of the most severe and egregious cases they've seen in all their years

A stepfather is accused of beating a three-year-old girl to death, pummeling her with his fists and a belt after she refused to eat a hot dog.

Corey Daniels, 22, from Phoenix, called 911 on Thursday and told operators his stepdaughter had stopped breathing because she had choked on the hot dog.
But police suspected foul play when they arrived at the scene and discovered the three-year-old was covered in bruises and doctors later found multiple skull fractures and bleeding in her brain.
Daniels then admitted beating little Dani Mayo using his fists and a belt.
He was charged with child abuse as the toddler was taken to hospital and put on life support.
The charges were upgraded to murder when she died on Saturday.
According to a police report, Daniels admitted to police that he punished Dani for not eating the hot dog by punching her in the chest, arms and legs with his fists at least 20 times.

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