Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rick Ross Misses Another Concert, Laid Up at Home

Your Black World reports

Since his two seizures last week, rapper Rick Ross is still under the weather and resting to try to get ready to perform again.  Last week, Ross suffered two seizures on airplanes headed to various concert venues.

“We actually been talking about him and praying for him on the trailer because he’s such a crucial part of hip-hop right now and we’re just hoping he’s healthy,” Nicki Minaj told MTV News. “That’s all we can do is pray and hope that he gets some rest and comes back stronger.”

The rapper Red Cafe confirmed that Ross is doing better, and just needed a break.  He says that he's resting and doing well. 
"I spoke to Ross. Ross is doing good, he's doing well" Red said. "He does a lot. The guy does a lot he's similar to Puff. They do a lot. And sometimes everybody needs to slow down a bit and take some personal time."

Red Cafe would not reveal the reasons for Ross' seizures, and only confirmed that Ross is going to pull through. 

"He's a winner, hes not gonna ever show that hes not, even if he isn't good" the rapper said. "But hes good."
DJ Khaled talked about Ross on The Global Grind. 
"I am not leaving his side. He is resting, he is chilling and he is actually super focused.  He is at the crib and is going to rest and just chill until he gets his energy back. He is going to take everything one day by day. I told him he has to stay home for two weeks. I told him he has got to just chill and relax. I told him he is a big enough star that he can just stay home. His life is more important...When he went in the hospital that was a reality check. I'm trying to tell him, but he's telling me, 'Khaled you ain't got to tell me no more, I understand clearly I got to take my life seriously.'"


blkgalusa said...

Rick reminds me of my nephew. Matter of fact, they look alot alike. I have been trying to get my nephew to lose weight. Weight can cause all sorts of problems. Right now he suffers from eczema and he also has breathing problems because he is so overweight. I wish Rick all the best and I hope he puts his health first, lose weight and get healthy. I will pray for him.

Anonymous said...

hope he gets well