Thursday, October 20, 2011

MC Hammer is Planning to Start a New Search Engine

M.C. Hammer has announced that he is going to start a new search engine.  The rapper-turned-techie says that the engine will be called WireDoo, and will be a step up from that which is offered by other engines.

Hammer says that the engine will be different from others on the market because it generates results based on topical relationships, rather than simply keywords.  So, if you search for “U Can’t Touch This,” you’ll find links to Hammer’s bio, or even where to find the pants that he wears in his videos.

Hammer says that he and his team have worked on the project for the last two years.  He has already launched and seems to have an interest in the things that are happening in Silicon Valley.

The tag line for the company is “Search once and see what’s related.”


Anonymous said...

lmfao not going to succed

blkgalusa said...

I am happy for him in this venture...what are you doing? Apparently nothing because you don't even know who to spell...learn to spell before you make a comment stupid..

Anonymous said...

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